Waffle House Test Kitchen

Waffle House Test Kitchen

Welcome to the Waffle House Test Kitchen, where Customer favorites like the Peanut Butter Waffle and our premium line of salads were born!

As our Regulars know, we don’t like to fix what isn’t broken, but we are continually working to make sure we keep up with ever-changing Customer tastes.  Occasionally, that will lead us to a new product introduction.

Please click on the links below to learn more about the menu items we are currently testing and give us your feedback.  While in test mode, items can only be found in certain areas and restaurants.  So if you walk into a Waffle House and happen to stumble on a new item, who knows…with your help, one of the items may make the menu!

Current Test Kitchen Items:


Want to add a little sweet to your savory? Try our new Blueberry flavored biscuits on your favorite sandwich! Also substitute as a side bread option along with our famous All Star Special™ or with a T-Bone Steak Dinner! This new Test Kitchen item is currently being tested here.


Many say that BIGGER is BETTER! Where else to test a bigger biscuit other than Texas! This new biscuit is 4 inches wide and is served with a full order of meat for sandwiches, but can also be served as a side bread option. This new Test Kitchen item is currently being tested here.