Bert’s Chili ™

Bert's Chili
Bert's ChiliYes, there really is a Bert! As a matter of fact, Bert has been with the Waffle House Inc. more than 30 years. He created his famous chili recipe in the early 1980’s when he was working in Dallas, Texas. He tested several combinations before coming up with the perfect bowl of chili.

Twenty years later, Bert’s Chili™ is still made to his exacting standards. Each pot of chili is prepared using only the finest ingredients, including chili beans, USDA Choice hamburger, Jimmy Dean sausage, tomato, onions and a special blend of seasonings.

Keep an eye out for the legend himself, while he is now retired from restaurant operations, he can often be found behind the counter at a Waffle House® restaurant. If you see Bert, ask him to fix you a bowl of his famous-recipe chili.