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Alice's Iced Tea

No one really knows exactly when the first glass of iced tea was served, but the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis just might be the time America fell in love with it.

As the story goes, a group of Far East tea producers led by Englishman Richard Blechynden traveled from Calcutta, India to the World’s Fair to sell their tea. The group set up a tea pavilion and sold cups of hot tea to the passing visitors. The problem was, the temperature outside was as hot as the tea. The hot, steamy summer was putting a damper on the tea sales. People were passing right by the brightly-colored, Indian-inspired pavilion and heading to the booths with ice-filled drinks.

Being a good businessman, Richard decided to give the people what they wanted. He filled glasses with ice cubes and poured the hot tea over them. Word spread quickly throughout the Fair and customers lined up outside the tea pavilion to buy the cooling beverage. By the time the Fair closed, the cold tea had become popular. Today, it is America’s national summertime drink.

At Waffle House® restaurants, we think Richard Blechynden was a smart man. We took his idea and made it our own with Alice’s Iced Tea™. Alice worked with our vendor, Royal Cup, to perfectly combine China Black Tea with other specialty teas to create Waffle House® restaurants’ refreshing tea. Alice continued to perfect our rich, golden brew by adding just the right amount of sugar to each glass. Alice’s Iced Tea™ makes the perfect drink.